Univest Capital is a professional services company that specializes in designing workforce and skills development strategies and exchange programs. Our workforce Skills Development Programs are meant educate, empower and equip employees in ways that allow them to meet their specific performance goals, and serve customers with best quality service. Our core business model revolves around defining functional competency models and developing valid and reliable assessment tools as the foundation of credentialing and human capital development programs.

We also focus on Skills Exchange Initiatives, knows Univest Skills Exchange programs where the old system of barter trade will be used instead of the modern monetary system. This Skills Exchange Initiative is not only meant to get services you require without the use of money, but also to encourage community development,  cultural exchange, sharing values, and building stronger societal relationships.

The future is in your hands. It is you who decides what you will mould and that it will hold.

Meaningful, fulfilling careers don’t happen by accident – it’s a process of careful decision-making. But where can people find the information and develop the skills to make those decisions? That’s where Univest Capital Inc. comes in.

Make better career decisions

Univest Capital offer unlimited and unique business solutions for enterprise development, community development initiatives, human capital development, personnel training and offer skills exchange platform that seeks to  empower people to take control of their career by acquiring a set of skills that lead to lifelong successful career planning. It supports economic growth by putting the right people in the right jobs connecting the needs of people and businesses.

Working in partnership towards a career plan

We have the Univest Skills Development Program which is embedded throughout the Univest Capital’s services. Apart from service our clients from our service centre or offices, we work in partnership with other organisations to deliver the Skills Development Program in schools, colleges and universities ain Swaziland. We have a network of trainers, coaches and mentors to empower people to gain the skills that lead them to make better decisions.

We encourage people to develop their own career plan and map out the education, job and career choices that will help make it a reality. Every time we help our customers, we’re empowering them to better manage their businesses and careers throughout their working life.

Our Mission

Univest Capital Inc. aims to offer unique business solutions and to promote individuals’ skills and talent for assuring organizational mission success, business competitiveness, economic prosperity, societal benefits, as well as individual aspirations.

We believe that people and their talents, knowledge and skills drive organisational success more than any other single factor.


Our Vision

Our aim to is be ultimate provider of  clear cut business solutions and help enhance useful allocation of financial resources, skills and talent development and aim to provide quality products and services that reflect our values and commitment to our customers and shareholders, while addressing the needs of our community and continuing the education, training and enhancement of our customers.

If you wake up in the morning without a dream realise or a goal to achieve, go back to sleep!

Educate. Empower. Equip

Who we are

More than a careers information service

Univest Capital stretches far beyond the traditional way of delivering corporate services. Through a series of intensive one-to-one coaching, group sessions, meaningful work experience, industry contact, and Univest Skills Development Program, we’re helping people with some of the most important choices they’ll make in life.